Death Stranding: Kojima Provides the Synopsis of the Game and Presents the Characters

Death Stranding: Kojima Provides the Synopsis of the Game and Presents the Characters

After the livestream that has kept us on our toes in these last hours, the first gameplay trailer of Death Stranding has finally been published by Kojima Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Despite the fact that there is still so much mystery surrounding the title, Hideo Kojima showed his new ambitious title in action and began to unbutton information on the plot and characters of this new intriguing videogame universe.

Just after the trailer was published, the Japanese author published a message dedicated to the fans, in which the synopsis of Death Stranding is briefly illustrated:

“People have built walls and used to live in isolation. Death Stranding is a completely new type of action game, where the player’s goal is to reconnect isolated cities and fragmented society. All elements, including those of history and gameplay, they are bound together by the concept of “Strand”, or connection. As Sam Porter Bridges, you will try to “bridge” these divisions, and by doing this you will create new links or “Strands” with others. players all over the world.

In the course of your experience with the game, I hope you understand the true importance of bonding with others. Now, enjoy the new Death Stranding trailer”.

Later, Kojima’s Twitter account was updated with new images dedicated to the characters shown in the easy-to-play gameplay video we saw, including Sam, Amelie, Fragile, Cliff, Deadman, Die-Hardman, Higgs, Mama, and Heartman some completely unpublished, others readapted for the occasion. You can admire them at the bottom of the news.

Death Stranding will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019. You can already consult all the special editions of the game.