Death Stranding: The New 4K Gameplay Trailer Reveals the Release Date!

Death Stranding: The New 4K Gameplay Trailer Reveals the Release Date!

At the end of the cryptic transmission that entertained thousands of gamers in the last hours, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Kojima Productions published the first gameplay trailer for Death Stranding, with which they also revealed the release date: November 8th! The pre-orders are already open!

The good Kojima kept his promise: the game will really come out in the year of Akira! The video released for the occasion, captured in 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro, mixes short cutscenes, through which the game’s protagonists are presented, and different sections of gameplay. Thanks to the latter we can finally get an idea about the type of game: the interaction menus and some skills of the protagonist Sam are shown, who apparently will be able to place stairs to reach places otherwise inaccessible and even ride a motorcycle!

The new blockbuster signed by Hideo Kojima, the father of the iconic Metal Gear series, will project us into a post-apocalyptic universe populated by bizarre otherworldly entities that, based on what the Japanese authors show us, will be able to distort the life of human beings who will have the misfortune to cross the path. 

The character interpretable by the users will assume the features, and the voice, of the actor Norman Reedus: to the mysterious Sam, and those who decide to marry his cause, will have the delicate task of commuting (both ideally and physically) between multidimensional creatures and humans. Based on the scant information provided by Kojima in these months to keep the flame of curiosity of its fans alive, the only certainty of the Death Stranding plot will be represented by the need, for our alter-ego, to fulfill a series of important missions to transport precious artifacts that could overturn the fate of the “conflict” and help bring the world back to normal.

We, therefore, leave you with the new Death Stranding video that stands at the beginning of the article. For further information on the announced Hideo Kojima masterpiece, we present again the special on Death Stranding by Alessandro Bruni with lots of food for thought on the history, characters and gameplay dynamics of Kojima Productions’ next exclusive sci-fi project on PlayStation 4.