E3 2019: Suda51 Will Be Present, the Official Arrives

E3 2019: Suda51 Will Be Present the Official Arrives

That Suda51, a highly appreciated Japanese game designer, had something in the pot, it was clear by now more or less to everyone. For some time now, Goichi Suda, the artist’s real name, had hinted that he was ready to reveal something about his next project.

When there are now two weeks to the most important event in the field of videogames, let’s talk about E3 2019 naturally, the author has finally officially confirmed his presence in Los Angeles.

The exact date in which Suda51 will be the protagonist of the event has not yet been specified, but fans can already begin to cross their fingers waiting for a potential new announcement. Already long ago, in fact, the artist had hinted that maybe there would be news about No More Heroes, one of his most appreciated titles.

And just at the beginning of this month, on the occasion of his participation in the MomoCon, other rumors had arrived about the presence of Suda51 at E3 2019, with an important announcement to be made in the days of the fair.

Now we have the official status, and we just have to wait. What do you think? What do you think, and what do you hope the legendary artist will announce during the event?

In the meantime you can read our review of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, what is now the latest videogame developed by Suda51.