Fortnite Offline from 17:30 for v9.10 Update


The arrival of the Fortnite Content Update v.9.10 is shortly-there: Epic Games has announced that the patch will be available today (Wednesday 29 May) after a very short down of the servers scheduled for 17:30, Indian time.

However, Fortnite will not go offline as usual, as Epic specifies “no download or downtime required “, so there will not be a new update to download and no interruption of services, the patch will be distributed on the server side, without interrupting the activities.

It is not excluded in any case that Fortnite can go down for a few minutes, just the time to publish the new contents, including the SMG Sub-machine gun in Raffica already leaked by dataminer in recent days. Another novelty could be the Fortnite x Godzilla event dedicated to the movie Godzilla II King of the Monsters, as happened with Avengers EndGame and John Wick 3 Parabellum.

In the morning we will probably know more about the contents of this update, which in any case does not seem to be particularly full-bodied compared to the updates released in recent weeks.