Fortnite: Top up Your Skin With Today’s Store Update

Fortnite: Top up Your Skin With Today's Store Update

The information on the daily Fortnite shop update has arrived, and today the absolute protagonists of the in-game shop are the skins, with many new additions and some returns in the daily sales. Let’s see all the objects added today, May 29th.

Let’s start with two legendary themed outfits … spiders! If you are arachnophobic then you have been warned, but these are two really beautiful skins, called Arachne and Spider Knight, which obviously go hand in hand with the Hatchling glider and the Web Breaker pickaxe.

But as mentioned, these are not the only skins coming: there are also the epic Beastmode, Maverick, and Shade, each for 1500 V-Bucks. Then the Mauler and Fuel pick close the circle.

Among the Daily Sales, we find two other skins: Maki Master and Commando, so if you don’t have enough of the aforementioned feast, you still have two other alternatives. Worth noting then are the Fire Spinner and Electro Swing emotes, the Get Funky music, and the Clutch Ax pickaxe.

If you want more information on skins instead, on our site you will find all the skins of the Fortnite Season 9 battle pass. Finally, we remind you that Fortnite will be offline today for the 9.10 update.

Have you already decided how to spend your hard  earned V-Bucks?