Fortnite v9.10: All the New Features of Battle Royale, Creative Mode and Save the World

Fortnite v9.10: All the New Features of Battle Royale, Creative Mode and Save the World

Epic Games has today published the Content Update of the Fortnite 9.10 patch, which introduces many new features for Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative Mode, including the long-awaited Real Battle Gag Machine Gun.

Fortnite Royal Battle

Submachine Gun This burst 
the submachine gun has devastating power in close combat.

Time Mode Rotation

Solid Gold Pairs 
Fight to the end using legendary weapons!

Teams Out of Stock 
Real Battle Game with a limited set of weapons, entirely composed of items that are in stock in standard mode.

Close Encounters with Teams 
It’s time for close combat with heavy rifles and jetpacks!

Team Bending 
Now 4 hot spots are generated for each game so that at least one appears on each side as often as possible. This is a temporary solution, which we will use until we have implemented a feature that allows us to accurately generate the same number of hot spots on each side in large team modes.

Fortnite Creative Mode

New flooring 
Modify the flooring of your creations to capture the right atmosphere!

Mine Theme 
Create your own mining pit, all to explore!

Prefabs and galleries

  • Added 4 new flooring galleries: Gallery grass x floor B – a design similar to the previous grassy floor gallery, but with the addition of tufts of grass.
  • Grass x sand rippled flooring gallery
  • Gallery sand floors rippled x sand
  • Snow floor gallery for gravel
  • Added gallery ring B – includes rings of the same colors as the signal lights.
  • Added the mine gallery
  • Added a door object gallery – the door will function as an object and can be placed anywhere
  • Added a wall variant gallery – more customization options for buildings

Fortnite Save the World

Southie Fossil 
No hero beats Energy Regeneration of the dinosaur concentration advantage! Simply the (tricera) top!

Cancel the curse or prepare for the worst!

Missions and Systems

  • New WarGames simulation: Haunted
  • Heroes are cursed at the beginning of the simulation and must activate ancient statues to remove the effects
  • Warning! The damaging effects of the curse increase over time and the curse itself will return after it has dissipated!
  • A new WarGames simulation means more chances to get event tickets, a new banner and more variety of daily tasks


We added a new hero in the Event Shop: Southie fossil enters the battle! 
Standard advantage: Dinosaur concentration While the shield is exhausted, regenerates 4 energy per second. Commander Advantage: Dinosaur Concentration + As the shield is depleted, it restores 12 energy per second. Available in the Event Shop on May 29th at 02:00, (GMT +2).