Pokemon Go: Guide to Cresselia’s Raid, Best Attackers and Moves

Pokemon Go: Guide to Cresselia's Raid, Best Attackers and Moves

Until June 18, Pokemon GO players can participate in the Cresselia Raid, with the possibility of capturing the legendary creature in a chromatic version. In this mini-guide, we will give you a series of useful tips to better face the Raid.

Cresselia will appear in the 5-star Raids and may present the following moves:

  • Confusion (fast, psycho)
  • Divination (loaded, psycho)
  • Lunar Force (loaded, goblin)
  • Psicotaglio (fast, psycho)
  • Raggiaurora (loaded, ice)

Best attacking Pokemon to deploy against Cresselia

Since Cresselia is weak to the elements dark, beetle and specter, it is strictly recommended to deploy Pokemon belonging to these three categories on the battlefield. In this case, the best strikers to use in the Raid are the following:

  • Mewtwo: the powerful Mewtwo will prove to be a fundamental ally as always. The Shadow Ball move will be particularly effective against Gresselia.
  • Gengar: all of Gengar’s moves will be able to inflict good damage, in particular, Ombrartigli.
  • TyranitarTyranitar ‘s ability to use Dark-type moves will be very convenient for you.
  • Scizor: you can use a Scizor to exploit the weakness of the Cresselia Beetle type.

To defeat Cresselia we recommend that you form a team of 3-4 coaches. Alternatively, two well-equipped coaches will still be able to tackle the Raid successfully, provided you use the most effective attacking Pokemon.

With a bit of luck, the coaches will also come across a chromatic version of Cresselia. To get it, all you have to do is defeat the legendary creature in the Raid and capture it with the help of PokeBalls and berries. We remind you that the Cresselia Raid will be available to all coaches until 22:00 (GMT 2) on Tuesday 18 June.

Meanwhile, we remind you that starting from today the Pokemon GO event dedicated to Snorlax is available.