Sable, the Very Interesting Indie Game, Has Been Postponed to 2020

Sable, the Very Interesting Indie Game, Has Been Postponed to 2020

When it was announced a little muted during E3 2018, Sable immediately carved out a place for himself in the hearts of the fans, due to the absolutely particular and intriguing artistic direction, which recalled the famous pencils of Moebius.

Since then, however, there have not been many updates on the development of the game, which seemed to have disappeared from the radar. The studio responsible for the works, the independent software house Shedworks, has recently provided a small update on the game, revealing that it still needs some time to complete the highly anticipated video game.

“We have been working full time on the game since October 2017. Initially we thought it would take about 2 years of development to complete it, but it was a little imprecise estimate and we, therefore, believe that to best complete the game we want to do, we need a little more time, it would have been difficult to complete the game by 2019, and we have made the decision to aim for a release for 2020. We are very grateful for the support of our partners and our team, and we will make sure to release the game to the best of its ability. We are also expanding the team from the beginning of the project”.

So a too optimistic forecast for the study, which decided to postpone the release of Sable to 2020.