Sony and the Nextgen: Backward Compatibility Will Be the Key to PS5’s Success

Sony and the Nextgen: Backward Compatibility Will Be the Key to PS5's Success

During the recent investor conference to illustrate Sony’s financial results during the last fiscal year, SIE chairman Jim Ryan felt that backward compatibility will be a determining factor for PS5’s commercial success.

“Our critical success factor for the next generation will be our ability to transform our community from PS4 to next-gen faster than we’ve ever done before, opening up to a new audience ,  was the response offered by the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment to those who, among the shareholders of the Japanese technology giant, asked the company’s top management which strategies they intend to adopt in the delicate transition phase between this and the next generation of PlayStation consoles.

To emphasize the concept, Jim Ryan then added that “backward compatibility will be absolutely fundamental to this” , thus giving the opportunity to PlayStation 4 users to look to the future with confidence knowing that all the titles in their PS4 game library can also be enjoyed on PS5 thanks to backward compatibility, including PS VR games thanks to full support with the current version of the Sony virtual reality viewer. At this point, all that remains is to await the announcement of the PS5 launch date and the next-gen video game catalog that will accompany its marketing at a price that, according to industry analysts, should not exceed 400 euros or dollars.