The Last of Us 2: Has Sony Postponed the Release Date to 2020?

The Last of Us 2 Has Sony Postponed the Release Date to 2020

While the attention of players around the world is on the mysterious Live of Death Stranding, new rumors about The Last of Us continue to emerge on the net 2.

According to what was stated by Jason Schreier of Kotaku on his official Twitter profile, it seems that Sony has only recently decided to postpone the second chapter of the Naughty Dog series in the early months of 2020. Initially, Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part 2 were supposed to make their debut in the last months of 2019 but the Japanese giant seems to have rethought us by replacing the adventure starring Ellie in the next year. It seems therefore that Sony has wanted to avoid in any way that the sales of the two exclusive enter into conflict, pointing to the publication in different periods.

What makes this rumor quite credible is the recent mistake made by PlayStation Taiwan’s Twitter, which released a message containing the release date of Death Stranding. Speaking of rumor, the news that Sony had thought of a TLOU2 dedicated State of Play turned out to be false and it is therefore unlikely that the trailer with the game’s release date could arrive during this week.