Total War Three Kingdoms Sold Over a Million Copies in the First Week

Total War Three Kingdoms Sold Over a Million Copies in the First Week

Total War: Three Kingdoms has become the best-selling title of Creative Assembly’s acclaimed strategic franchise, surpassing one million copies sold in the first week.

This incredible milestone is the confirmation of a record-breaking release, in which Total War has surpassed any competing strategic title on Steam, thus registering the biggest 2019 launch on the platform to date.

We knew we had something special with Three Kingdoms, but the response of players, old and new, exceeded all expectations, ” said Rob Bartholomew, Chief Product Officer. ” We are reading some of the best comments on Total War. We are very proud.

Total War: Three Kingdoms immerses players in Ancient China where they will play the role of powerful warlords, bandits, and diplomats fighting for the title of emperor. The game has been hailed for new and revolutionary diplomacy and social systems, bringing new depth and storytelling to Total War, in a way that players have never seen before.

Total War is set for the first time in China and has given life to vibrant art, lush landscapes and a dynamic sound accompaniment. With different game modes based on historical events of the time and romantic legends that have fascinated audiences for centuries, Total War: Three Kingdoms is the best recreation of one of the most exciting periods in global history.

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