Vampire Bloodlines 2: The New Video Diary Illustrates the Malkavian Clan

Vampire Bloodlines 2: The New Video Diary Illustrates the Malkavian Clan

After clarifying the reasons for choosing Vampire Bloodlines 2 in Seattle, the boys at Paradox Interactive illustrate the powers and characteristics of the Malkavians, the last of the full-blooded vampire clans of their long-awaited dark-colored role-playing action.

Also known as the Moon Clans, the Malkavians have the knowledge of things that no other clan can understand: but this knowledge will come at a price. The minds of the members of this clan are in fact afflicted by psychoses, compulsive disorders and other diseases that will induce them to be marginalized by the community of Kindred in Seattle, despite being considered as oracles and skilled advisors by a small circle of vampires.

From the point of view of small game mechanics, those who decide to embrace the path of the Malkavians will be able to “invade” the minds of the victims designated using the Dementation ability to instill in their conscience a twisted vision of their own psychosis. Through the powers linked to Auspex, moreover, we will be able to go further into the subconscious of the victim and have an overview of the map to know, for example, the position of the enemies.

We, therefore, leave you with the new Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 video and look forward to hearing about the official marketing date of Paradox’s new action RPG effort on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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