Wild: Check New Artwork Online, News Coming Up?

Wild Check New Artwork Online, News Coming Up

It seems that today Sony wants to attract the attention of players from all over the world and, while they are all connected on Twitch to discover the news related to Death Stranding, there seems to be something coming up about WiLD too.

The official Facebook page of the game has in fact been updated with three new artworks, one of which is particularly obscure and populated by monstrous skinny creatures. A similar update may be no more than a first sign of the imminent arrival of new information on the game. For the uninitiated, WiLD was announced 5 years ago and is being developed by the team led by Michel Ancel, famous for having created Rayman. Unless you have made profound changes to the title, it should be a survival game coming exclusively on PlayStation 4, even if it is not to be excluded the possibility that WiLD can also arrive on PlayStation 5 and, consequently, be cross-title gen.

There is nothing left for us to do but leave you in the gallery with the three artworks, waiting for us to wait for news directly from Sony, which seems to want to amaze everyone despite its now confirmed absence at E3 2019.