Yakuza: The Story of the New Game Is Over, Dubbing Is Underway

If you are a fan of the Toshihiro Nagoshi saga, Yakuza, we have good news for you: the same general direction of the series, has finally released some new information on the next chapter of Yakuza, the one with Ichiban Kasuga in the title role, in place of Kazuma Kiryu, whose story ended with Yakuza 6.

According to what was reported by Gematsu, the history of the game would have already ended, and the dubbing would already be underway, most of which would have already been recorded. There are also many voices involved, which should amaze the public (but they are probably the Japanese voice actors).

The new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, as mentioned, is much more open than Kiryu, he talks more and has different motivations for his actions. So the same story will also be “felt” differently by the player, as will the gameplay. The new Yakuza will be different from the previous ones, in short, there will be a refreshing, of which the series was actually beginning to feel the need.

Nagoshi also talked about PlayStation 5, revealing however that even after its release, PS4 could continue to remain the main focus of the developers for a while yet. According to the producer, the power of PS5 is incredible, and the potential that will give way to explore in gameplay, for example, and have expressed much curiosity about artificial intelligence, which will also be protagonists in video games in the future, are still not entirely clear.