Dauntless Exceeds 6 Million Players 9 Days After Launch

Dauntless Exceeds 6 Million Players 9 Days After Launch

There are some cases where video games quickly turn into phenomena, grinding stratospheric numbers. Leaving Fortnite alone, which now participates in a league of its own and has almost become a social network with a Battle Royale around, the results achieved by some titles are truly amazing.

A case was certainly that of Apex Legends which reached 50 million players only a month after the launch, but which was already very popular in the first weeks, and even threatened the primacy of the same Fortnite on Twitch, even if for a short period.

The latest news in this regard is Dauntless, a cooperative action RPG from Phoenix Labs, which was released on May 21st at Epic Games Store and has just passed 6 million players, as stated by the software house itself.

According to the press release, “Phoenix Labs has worked tirelessly to expand the number of players, improve connectivity, optimize queues, thanks to feedback from players”.

The study also released an interesting infographic, which you find at the bottom of the news, according to which 20 million hunting sessions have been completed since launch, just over a week ago, surpassing 15 million hours game, and that 60% of hunting groups consisted of cross-platform users.

What do you think of Dauntless ‘s success? Have you tried it? If you have difficulty progressing, on our site you will find the guide on how to get Dauntless currency.