Death Stranding: Let’s Review All the Trailers of the Hideo Kojima Game!

Death Stranding: Let's Review All the Trailers of the Hideo Kojima Game!

The new trailer for Death Stranding shown yesterday caused everyone to fall back into the deepest hype, the game proves to be highly anticipated by everyone, as evidenced by the numbers of the various live streaming and by how many people were connected live all over the world to watch the video.

In the movie we were able to take a look at some gameplay mechanics, we discovered that Sam has a ladder to interact with the setting, and a sort of motorcycle to move faster in the game world. But

Kojima certainly did not abandon his hermeticism, and the video in question, therefore, presented the usual visionary and very particular aspects that made the game a mysterious object for a long time. It is not the first time that the legendary Japanese game designer leaves us all stunned with a trailer of the game, and even those shown in previous occasions, had certainly been talked about, but they were really difficult to decipher.

Perhaps this is the true power of Death Stranding, and therefore of Hideo Kojima: having created a very high expectation showing little or nothing, and the numbers are giving him the reason. So let’s retrace together the story of Death Stranding, going to watch all the trailers released so far, to take stock of the situation.