Fortnite: Basketball Invades the Store in the New Update

Fortnite: Basketball Invades the Store in the New Update

Basketball players from all over the world and basketball fans, unite: the world of basketball has invaded the Fortnite shop, wherein the new update came skins, gliders, picks and anything else with a basketball theme, presumably on the occasion of the upcoming playoffs of the NBA.

The season of the American basketball championship, the most followed in the world, will end in the next few days, and so here is where the Jumpshot and Triple Threat skins appear in the shop, both rare and therefore costing 1200 V-Bucks.

However, neither would be complete without the board-shaped glider, Hang Time and the basket-shaped pick, Slam Dunk. Are you ready to … crush your opponents?

To complete the picture there are also the Daily Sales , which today include the emotes still with a basketball theme called Baller and Buckets, which can be useful for the MAKE A CENTER IN THE CENTER challenge, the Wreck Raider and Monicker skins, the Magic Wings glider , that puts your wings even without the popular energy drink, and the Lucky pickaxe.

The update of the store will be online from the 13 Italian, and as usual, we remind you that the items purchased have an only effect, an aesthetic change to your character, and therefore do not provide competitive advantages in battle.

Have you already decided how to spend your hard  earned V-Bucks?

Meanwhile, yesterday Fortnite has been updated: discover with us all the news of the 9.10 Fortnite update.