Fortnite: Position of the Fortbyte 79 Located in an Arcade Location


In addition to engaging in Week 4 Challenges, starting today, Fortnite Season 9 players can search for the new Fortbyte # 79 at an arcade location. Below we show the exact position of the chip inside the map.

To obtain the Fortbyte in question, all you need to do is collect the hidden chip from Mega Mall. Below we show you how to find it.

How to get the Fortbyte # 79 located in an arcade location

The Fortbyte # 79 is located in an arcade station of Mega Mall, to be exact inside the red circle that we have highlighted on the map shown at the bottom of the page. All you have to do to get it, then, is to land at Mega Mall, enter the mall, enter the game room on the first floor and collect the chip located behind the counter. If you need a visual reference to find it more easily, you can watch the video proposed in the opening.