Fortnite: Tfue Wants to Set up an Organization? for Ninja It Is a Mistake

Fortnite: Tfue Wants to Set up an Organization? for Ninja It Is a Mistake

After the start of the legal controversy that led him to clash with his now former organization, Tfue came up with a fairly demanding statement.

In fact, the boy intends to set up his own organization. The rumors related to the boy’s intentions slowly took shape when Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe, said that that has always been a ball of Tfue and that he would have simply exploited the fact of being in the FaZe to be able to learn how to manage a team and to make contacts with potential investors.

Many leading figures among the streamer have expressed their opinion, the last of which was Ninja, who now pontificates on practically everything.

However, Ninja is skeptical about it and indeed, he wanted to warn Tfue. The effort, according to Blevins, would require a total investment of his time, which would inevitably damage his career as a streamer that has been so successful so far.

” If Turner wants to do his organization, I don’t think he has realized how long it will take, ” said Ninja. ” … If you really want to be part of it from day one and participate in all decisions and meetings, raise funds and attract investors, it will take a long time and it will be out of the game.” “The operation will be expensive: you need investors, you have to pay for the gaming house, you have to pay all the contracts, all the expenses for the lawyers, you have to pay salaries, you have to pay for travel … “.

Ninja, as proof of his statements, recalled the case of Matt “Nadeshot” Haag, CEO of the 100 Thieves, who had to sacrifice his career as a player and streamer to found the organization that now also counts Drake among investors.

I wonder if Tfue will accept the advice. The boy, however, seems determined to go straight on his own way.