Fortnite: The Rifle Submachine Gun Has a Good Impact on the Meta, According to Ninja

Fortnite: The Rifle Submachine Gun Has a Good Impact on the Meta, According to Ninja

Fortnite’s usual weekly update brought with it several new features, including the Burst Machine Gun. The new weapon has retired the silenced machine gun and, as expected, has not been received with enthusiasm by all.

The Burst Machine Gun seems to be very effective, and as always happens with strong weapons, it has earned both admirers and detractors alike. In the first category, there is also an exceptional player, the famous Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. According to the (almost) 28-year-old from Detroit, the new weapon will have a positive impact on the goal because it favours an aggressive style of play. “Apparently, many do not like the new weapon. I am sure that the Blast Machine Gun will change the game goal consistently. Blows can cross players’ walls.”

With this last statement, the content creator has highlighted a very important issue. The machine gun, as its name implies, fires a burst of four shots that inflict 23, 24 or 25 damage each, based on the rarity (common, uncommon or rare). This means that if an opponent’s wall has only 30 health points remaining, the first two bullets will knock down his shelter and the other two will hit him in full, all with a single burst. This feature can potentially promote an aggressive style of play on the part of the attackers, which can, therefore, put those who take shelter into serious trouble.

What do you think? Do you like the new Burst Machine Gun? Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to inform you that among our pages you will find the guide to the challenges of Week 4.