Larian Studios Is About to Announce Divinity: Original Sin III?

Larian Studios Is About to Announce Divinity- Original Sin III?

Something is cooking in the offices of Larian Studios. The Belgian developers have just updated their official website with a very simple image depicting the Roman number III. Our thinking, and that of the many studio fans, immediately flew to Divinity: Original Sin III.

That Larian is preparing to unveil the third instalment of his highly acclaimed RPG saga? At the moment we cannot be 100% sure, but the clues seem to point in this direction. After all, even the previous episode, Divinity: Original Sin II, adopted the Roman numeration next to the title. Judge for yourself by going to the Larian official website or by looking at the image in the preview of this news. Divinity: Original Sin saw the light in 2014 on PC thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. The following year he also arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the Enhanced Edition. Driven by the warm welcome received from critics and the public, the team started working on Divinity: Original Sin II, landed on PC in 2017 and on consoles in 2018. The times, therefore, seem more than ripe for the continuation of the saga.

We do not feel able to exclude, in any case, another eventuality, or that it could be the third chapter of the main saga, started with Divine Divinity and then continued with Beyond Divinity and Divinity II. Larian Studios, among other things, is already working on Divinity: Fallen Heroes, a spin-off set after the facts narrated in Original Sin II.