Apex Legends: The Challenges Come in Season 2, Here Are Some of the News

Apex Legends: The Challenges Come in Season 2, Here Are Some of the News

Pending the official announcement of the Season 2 of Apex Legends, which will arrive at the E-Play at E3 2019, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have published the first details on upcoming content coming to the game.

The first change concerns the presence of daily and weekly challenges. Responding to one of the main criticisms of the current season, the developers ensure that thanks to these challenges it will be possible to reach level 100 of the new Season Pass in much less time. Furthermore, there will be no particular time limits to complete these challenges and, if you wish, you could also complete them together, provided you do so by the beginning of the following season. To further speed up the progression in the pass will be the constant presence of a daily bonus that will allow you, as in the event of a few weeks ago, to advance one level to the top 5 teams in any game.

Season 2 will then abandon the numerous badges in favor of a new, more intuitive system that will allow players to keep track of their statistics. Obviously, there will be a badge dedicated to the season, which should be unique and able to “evolve”, even if no more indications have been provided. All badges for seasonal victories will also be free for all players and can be unlocked to reach level 10.

Speaking instead of rewards, the pass will give players a total of 3 legendary skins (one every 25 levels) and, upon reaching level 110, you will get a variant of the 100 that can be unlocked. The last pass camouflage, just like that dell’ Havoc in the current reactive season and will undergo aesthetic changes by completing specific actions in the game. But that’s not all since the developers promise a greater quantity of metals for the creation obtainable from the pass (they should replace the lines of the various heroes), enough to be able to create at least one legendary object chosen by the player.

A special event dedicated to hunting with new skins and camouflages coming to the store every 4 days will also start next week.

Before leaving you with the images with the new Bloodhound and Wraith skins, we remind you that the official Reveal of Season 2 of Apex Legends will take place at the EA Play, wherein all probability we will see the announcement of new heroes, new weapons and modifications to the game map.