Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Announced with a Trailer, Comes out in October!


As we had already anticipated yesterday, Activision finally broke the delay and revealed to the whole world Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, new chapter of the most successful FPS series of all time coming on October 25th on PS4, Xbox One and PC via

The guys at Infinity Ward have decided to revive the Modern Warfare genre but without a numerical indication. It is, in fact, a new beginning, a real restart, which preserves some aspects inherent in the DNA of the sub-series – like some characters and the war realism– updating them at the present time. The war being fought today is very different from that of over 10 years ago. It is now more subtle and insidious, and it also manifests itself through acts of terrorism and retaliation. Hence the will of Infinity Ward to start again, welcoming among its ranks many new personalities, some of which come from renowned studios like Naughty Dog. In addition to a substantial single-player campaign, which will bring players to the Middle East and the most important European cities, classic multiplayer and a series of Elite Operations playable in co-op will also be included.

On the occasion of the announcement, the spectacular trailer that you can see at the beginning of the news was published, which gives us a very precise idea of ​​the style adopted and the context chosen. The appointment, therefore, is set for 8 October, the day when it will arrive on the physical and digital shelves of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Meanwhile, we advise you to read the preview of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare by our Francesco Fossetti, who flew to Los Angeles to attend the official presentation.