Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Technical Department, DLC First on PS4 and Rumor Switch Version

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Technical Department, DLC First on PS4 and Rumor Switch Version

Yesterday Activision has officially announced Call of Duty Modern Warfare emerge now new details on the technical sector, the DLC and the rumours about the possible porting Nintendo Switch …

With regards to the technical sector, Infinity Ward and Activision communicate that “Call of Duty Modern Warfare presents a new graphics engine that offers an immersive and photorealistic experience. The new technology uses the latest advances in visual engineering, including a physically based modeling system that enables cutting-edge photogrammetry, a new streaming system based on hybrid tile, a new PBR decal rendering system, a volumetric ambient lighting, 4K HDR, DirectX Raytracing (PC) and much more, like a new GPU geometry pipeline. The spectral rendering provides thermal radiation and infrared identification for the gaming experience with both thermal and night vision goggles. The technological investment offers animation and an optimization system of the avant-garde forms,

Regarding the DLC, the publisher has confirmed that COD MW will not have the Season Pass and that all the additional contents will be free , however these will be available seven days before on PlayStation 4, to then arrive after a week also on PC and Xbox One, as highlighted in the debut trailer published on the PlayStation channel.

Finally, as reported by Nintendo Life, the game could also come out on the Kyoto home platform. The dataminers analyzed the source code of the Call of Duty site and discovered references to Nintendo Switch and 720p resolution, in addition, the code ” NXDOCK ” would also appear in the code, probably referring to the Project NX dock, the code name of Switch.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be released on October 25, 2019, on PC (via, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, other platforms have not been announced by the publisher.