Crackdown 3 Receives a Substantial Extra Edition Update on PC and Xbox One

Almost in response to criticism from those who described Crackdown 3’s Wrecking Zone mode as a ghost town, the guys at Sumo Digital have published a new update that introduces a really wide range of improvements, additions, and optimizations to the controversial free-roaming action on PC and Xbox One.

The first intervention carried out by the English authors with this free update concerns the addition of Keys to the City, a module that is grafted onto the main campaign to give us total control over the title by accessing a deep system of tools and tricks. Thanks to Keys to the City we can, for example, activate God Mode and become invincible, or fill the roof of a skyscraper with explosives. The modality in question can be used both alone and in the company of one’s friends, through which you can take part in challenges involving the use of unlimited ammunition and gadgets or the generation on the map of vehicles, enemies, explosive barrels and various objects.

As for the Wrecking Zone mode, the Sumo Digital team wanted to implement a progression system to unlock 100 levels of elements for customizing their alter-ego. Earn Agency Points in the Demolition Zone you can unlock holographic ornaments, helmets, special weapons skins and more. The additions to Overdrive skills, net code corrections and a revision of the user interface are also dedicated to the multiplayer mode.

The Extra Edition update of Crackdown 3 should already be available on PC and Xbox One, both for those who purchased the game and for users of the Xbox Game Pass.