Destiny 2: Bungie Will Reveal the First Details on Year 3 Next Week

Destiny 2: Bungie Will Reveal the First Details on Year 3 Next Week

A few days after the debut of the latest additional content of Year 2, the Destiny 2 development team is preparing for the announcement of what has been defined as the beginning of a “new era”, or the Year 3.

The launch of what could be the next big expansion will, in fact, be the first without Activision’s support since Bungie is now independent and has full control over the future of the shooter with a subjective view. The post published on Destiny’s official social channels seems to refer to a streaming event scheduled for next Thursday, May 6th, 2019 at 19:00 (GMT +2), exactly two days after the weekly reset that will mark the arrival of the Wealth season. Unfortunately, absolutely nothing is known about the announcements that will be made on the occasion of this event but it is likely that we will see the presentation of the name and a short trailer of the opening season of the third year.

According to some of the most recent rumors the game will not receive an expansion of the caliber of the Renegades in Year 3 and will limit itself to proposing to the Guardians another Seasonal Pass with constant and, at the same time, less substantial contents inside.

Waiting to discover the future of the game, we remind you that on our pages you will find all the details on the contents of the Wealth Season. It also appears that the new Corona Incursion of Torment is accessible since the launch of Penumbra, provided that a specific quest is completed with level 690 rewards. Did you know that the launch of the next Destiny 2 season will come with an update that will de-power exotic weapons such as the Whisper of the Worm and the Ace of Spades?