Fifa 20: Electronic Arts at Work to Improve the Gameplay

Fifa 20: Electronic Arts at Work to Improve the Gameplay

Electronic Arts have published a post on the official FIFA website to announce some of the news of FIFA 20, the next episode of the series that will be shown Saturday 8 June during the EA Play E3 2019 event.

With the approach of EA PLAY and announcements of upcoming releases, we wanted to update you on the FIFA gameplay and shed light on some fundamental elements that we aim to improve in the new chapter of the series. After listening to player feedback throughout the year, we decided to work on some of the aspects that were asked of us most and to explain why others have not been touched in the latest updates. We also wanted to share some ideas with you that we are working on for the future. We hope to answer the most frequently asked questions and to clarify the priority given to recent player feedback. Before starting, however, we would like to underline that everything we will discuss below will not be corrected in FIFA 19,

The long article refers to updates and patches, gameplay priorities such as AI-managed defence, coherent one-on-one consistency, time-based finalization, crosses and fly throws. placement on set pieces, manual movement of the goalkeeper, passes and much more.

To find out more we just have to wait for the presentation of FIFA 20 scheduled for Saturday, June 8th at 8:00 pm (GMT +2), on this occasion we will find out what EA’s plans are for the future of the series.