Fortnite: A Player Has Designed the “Storm-Proof” Consumable

The ideas of Fortnite Battaglia Reale artists and fans continue to appear on the web with some consistency, hoping to be able to attract the attention of developers with their own creations.

The last of these concerns a particular consumable, the “Thunder Jug”, a drink which, according to what its creator declared, would guarantee the player a certain resistance to storm damage, in order to allow him to reach the safe area even in the more difficult situations. It is unlikely that Epic Games can accept a similar idea in Season 9, but the possibility of seeing such a gadget in one of the coming seasons cannot be ruled out. At the moment, in fact, the game offers users a myriad of possibilities to move quickly between areas of the map and, in addition to vehicles such as the baller, the quad, and the driftboard, there are also geysers and air ducts that allow you to easily reach any point.