Battlefield 5: The Multiplayer Level Cap Will Be Raised to 500!

Battlefield 5: The Multiplayer Level Cap Will Be Raised to 500!

Battlefield 5 has been around for a good few months now, and many of the most loyal players have probably already reached the maximum multiplayer level, currently set at 50. If you are among them, we have good news for you: among them much to receive many other incentives to play, as the level cap will be raised to 500.

The decidedly substantial increase will take effect during the second part of Chapter 4 – Against all odds, which will start during this month (probably, will be presented during the EA Play 2019 ). You will receive a promotion every 50 levels. When you reach the first, 100th, you will get a new Career Rank icon, so you can show others your goal, and a new Dog Tag for the company. At each level of advancement between one promotion and another, you will also be rewarded with Company Tokens.

With each promotion, the XP curve is reset, only to become steeper as you get closer to the next promotion. For example: from level 49 to 50 you need 35,000 XP, while 50 to 51 need 12,000 (which is three times the amount of XP needed to go from level 0 to 1). However, as you level up, the curve will become steeper, and to progress from 99 to 100 you will need more than the 35,000 needed from 49 to 50. Essentially, the path to level 500 will become increasingly insidious. You can get a better idea by looking at the chart below.

For each level change from 50 to 70, you will get 1,500 Company Tokens, while from 71 to 100 you will receive 3,000. According to the developers, on the way to level 500 you can collect a total of 2 million, simply with level advances. You will be able to continue to get tokens even after through the Winds of War assignments, daily orders and rewards.

The new system, we recall, will come into force after the middle of Chapter 4 – Against all expectations. The latter will introduce a new Greek map called Marita and a perfect urban area to host a new mod based on close five-on-five encounters.