Fortnite: Let’s Prepare for the Champions League Final With the Players’ Skins

Fortnite: Let's Prepare for the Champions League Final With the Players' Skins

Sarri’s Chelsea managed to win the Europa League, but there is still another continental trophy, far more important, to be awarded. Tonight, the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool will be played at the Metropolitan Wanda in Madrid. Epic picked up the ball and reintroduced the players’ skins in the Fortnite shop!

There are eight skins from the Goleada set, from which you can choose, four male and one female. They are all rare and on sale at 1,200 V-Buck each. If it’s still not enough, know that there are also other themed objects, such as the Tacchetto Elite (uncommon, 500 V-Buck) and Vuvuzela (rare, 800 V-Buck) picks, and the Goleada hang glider (uncommon, 500 V-Buck). Among the contents highlighted is also the Takara skin (epic, 1,500 V-Buck) and the other objects of the same set, which made their official debut yesterday. Below is a quick overview of the daily objects, including two football-themed emotes:

  • Hang glider Cloud attack (epic, 1,200 V-Buck)
  • Pickaxe Sorcerer (rare, 800 V-Buck)
  • Scorpion costume (uncommon, 800 V-Buck)
  • Miss Volée costume (rare, 1,200 V-buck)
  • Emote Rebounds (rare, 500 V-Buck)
  • Emote Red Card (uncommon, 200 v-Buck)