Halo MCC: Reach’s Shooting Mode Will Have Dedicated Servers!

Halo MCC: Reach's Shooting Mode Will Have Dedicated Servers!

343 Industries is working hard on the PC version of Halo Reach, which will finally be tested in Beta during the month of June. The developers seem intent on doing things right and solving some of the problems that were affecting the Xbox 360 version will be released in 2010.

According to what can be read in the last Development Update published on the official website, the Sparatoria mode (known as Firefight in the original language) will use dedicated servers, a big step forward compared to the peer-to-peer system originally adopted. Sparatoria, for the uninitiated, is a sort of Horde mode in which a group of players is called to resist a series of Covenant waves of increasingly disruptive force. It was introduced for the first time in Halo 3: ODST, and then returned to Reach in a more developed version, with different usable classes and new mission objectives.

Despite being very welcome, it was marred by numerous lag problems. 343 Industries has therefore decided to solve the problem at its root by implementing dedicated servers: “Sparatoria matchmaking will be hosted on dedicated servers and will use an asynchronous network model. The cooperative and the campaign used an asynchronous system where clients had to wait for the host to simulate their actions and then send them back to observe them. This could result in a sense of slowness in response. the shooting mode Reach Halo: the Master Chief Collection will use an asynchronous system that will result in a ‘ more fluid and consistent online experience”.

The novelty, of course, will affect both the PC version and the Xbox One of Halo Reach. The developers, in any case, have only referred to the shooting mode, so we don’t know if the dedicated servers will be activated also for the cooperative campaign.