Hideo Kojima Thanks the Fans for the Warm Welcome to Death Stranding


The publication of the new trailer for Death Stranding and the announcement of the release date sent players into raptures. For several days Hideo Kojima and his boys were the centres of attention, and the compliments received from the community and from the experts are not counted.

A very warm welcome that made the famous game designer extremely happy, to the point that he decided to thank everyone with a message full of food for thought: “The release date is set and now the days of Hades await our team. But living such a beautiful phase was like living in Paradise. We started from scratch, but judging by the reactions of the players, I realized that I hadn’t lost anything. Thanks again. “

Kojima knows that the work is not yet finished and that there is still a lot to do in the coming months: we need to complete development and refine the gaming experience before the actual distribution. Despite this, these days have been incredibly beautiful and have made them understand that starting from scratch was the right decision. Kojima-san, in fact, left Konami in 2015 shortly after the cancellation of Silent Hills and the not exactly idyllic production of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. After those events, he founded Kojima Productions and started the processing of Death Stranding. Now, after so many years, it is beginning to reap the benefits of the decisions taken over the past four difficult years. Death Stranding, we remember, will be released on November 8th exclusively on PlayStation 4 … but this, we are sure, you already know.