Marvel Characters in the Super Smash Bros Series? Marvel Games Comment

Marvel Characters in the Super Smash Bros Series? Marvel Games Comment

The announcement of the exclusive debut of Marvel the great alliance 3: The black order on Nintendo Switch has pushed part of the community to wonder if, in the future, it will be possible to see debut some characters of the House of ideas within other Nintendo titles.

Attention, in particular, has focused on Super Smash Bros, the famous fighting series of the Grande N. The franchise, in fact, has often included within its roster different videogame icons from third-party brands. For example, just recently the character of Joker, leader of the Phantom Thieves of Persona 5, made his debut in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Is it possible that in the future the IP could also include Marvel characters

The Game Informer editors recently had the opportunity to ask this question directly to Bill Rosemann, vice president and creative director of Marvel Games. Here is the answer he provided: “Well, I mean … I can imagine anything. Hawkeye stands next to Link, and both of us throw some arrows … I want to say, anything could happen, but I’m not the person in charge of taking similar decisions”. No confirmation, therefore, for now, but not even a complete closure: would you like to see such a cross-over at work? 

Recently, Marvel Games described the reasons for the return of Marvel The Great Alliance 3 to Switch, explaining the choice of the hybrid console for the debut of the third chapter.