Moto GP 19 and the Return of Toki Among the PS4 Releases of the Week

Moto GP 19 and the Return of Toki Among the ps4 Releases of the Week

The beginning of a new week is always traumatic, but for a gamer it is easy to recover from the return to the reality of Monday, thinking about the new releases of the week. Let’s go then to see together what will arrive on PlayStation 4 in the week that begins today!

It starts with Effie, a 3D adventure that combines the classic action-adventure elements with the exploration of what looks like an open world.

Outgoing even The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2, new chapter in the saga JRPG coming for the first time on PS4.

Another “Legend” is about to land on the Sony console with Legend of the Tetrarchs, a turn-based fantasy RPG where we will have to explore dungeons, defeat monsters and save the world.

A big name for the motoring world is undoubtedly that of the Moto GP 19, the official game of the motorcycling world championship, coming out this week.

Neon Junctions also arrives, a colourful and psychedelic puzzle platformer that bursts from the 80s from all the pores, followed by PixARK, a pixellated adventure that cannot but remember a minimum Minecraft.

We then relax with Refunct, an open-world first-person platformer, but The Savior’s Gang immediately thinks of bringing us back down to earth and the feeling of imminent danger.

And then we just have to fly our kites, both in single player and in co-op, with Stunt Kite Party to restore calm.

Calm that we will lose immediately with violent clashes in Super Blood Hockey, and in the Super Skelemania Metroidvania and of course Warhammer: Chaosbane, one of the most anticipated titles of the week.

To close the picture there is also the return of Toki, historic platform appeared on the Amiga in the late 80s and already available on Nintendo Switch, which is now ready to land even on PlayStation 4.

In short, a nice list to choose from. What are you most interested in?