PS5: New Details on Backward Compatibility Emerge From a Patent

PS5: New Details on Backward Compatibility Emerge From a Patent

One of the few certainties we have on PlayStation 5, the highly anticipated next-generation console of the Japanese giant, is that it will finally support backward compatibility with PS4 titles from launch. Thanks to the updating of a patent it has recently been possible to discover something new about this functionality.

It seems that the developers have a total and real-time control over the hardware so that they can decide how and in what way the potentialities of PS5 can improve the old titles or align themselves with the performances of the old generation if there were problems of incompatibility. In short, thanks to such a mechanism, which could take some time, it is almost impossible that there is only one PlayStation 4 game that cannot run smoothly on the new console.

It remains now to understand how sensitive the improvements are, which should not be limited to just the speed of uploads due to the presence of a high-performance SDD on PS5 but also from a pure graphics point of view, perhaps allowing not to increase the resolution and point to 60 frames per second.

We remind you that, in a recent interview, even the founder of Blackmill Games praised the potential of PS5, a machine that will boast a Zen CPU 2 as well as an excellent SSD.