Rainbow Six Siege: This Is Why It Will Never Go Free to Play

Rainbow Six Siege: This Is Why It Will Never Go Free to Play

If you are one of the players hoping to move to the free to play model for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, be aware that Ubisoft has no intention of making the standard shooter edition free.

Unlike what you might think, this choice is not given by the greed of the French company, but by the desire to preserve a relaxed and pleasant climate within its own community. In fact, if the move to free to play could even increase revenues due to the high number of cosmetic operators and DLCs that can be purchased in the store, the development team wants to continue to maintain the “pay to play” model in such a way that acts as an entry barrier.

According to the Rainbow Six brand director, Alexandre Remy, making the game free would cause the arrival of many players who simply want to try the game and have little interest in winning, which would only add toxicity to the community. This is a decision that perfectly respects the Ubisoft philosophy, which has always proved very attentive to first-person shooter players. Remy also specified that the price of the standard edition of the game is extremely low and thanks to one of the frequent offers that involve him you could grab a copy for about 10 euros.

We remind you that a sequel to Rainbow Six Siege is not currently planned and the development team is working to bring the game even to the next generation consoles. Have you already met the new R6 operator Siege Warden? Tomorrow, June 4, 2019, the Rainbow Six Siege PG Nationals 2019 will also be launched.