Rainbow Six Siege Will Have No Sequel: Extensive Support Will Be Provided for Next-Gen

Rainbow Six Siege Will Have No Sequel- Extensive Support Will Be Provided for Next-Gen

The editors of Daily Star contacted the Brand Director of Rainbow Six Siege, Alexandre Remy, to receive his response to rumours that circulated on the net these weeks on the basis of a Ubisoft survey that suggested the development of a new chapter of this FPS series devoted to multiplayer.

“We don’t want to develop a sequel”, was the answer that Remy wanted to give as a representation of the Ubisoft Montreal authors, adding immediately that “the reason for this choice is that we don’t want to fragment our community between the different platforms. ideal world, tomorrow we would like Rainbow Six Siege fans to be able to play it together, we are approaching the next-gen with the same spirit”.

The R6S Brand Director further explains that “we asked (presumably from Sony and Microsoft, ed) how we could make Siege players be able to migrate from one platform to another, whether they wanted to, or how to make it the transition to the next-gen as cheap as possible or through backwards compatibility”.

As for the future, Remy concludes by stating that “the strength of any multiplayer game is the size of its community, so I think we have to make every effort possible when the next-gen arrives, we want users to be treated the same way as we do now on PC between entry-level and high-end configurations”.