The Co-Op Mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Will Be History Based


On the occasion of the announcement of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the boys of Infinity Ward declared that the game will include the single-player campaign, the classic multiplayer and a cooperative mode called Elite Operations.

In the latter, as we have learned in recent days, players will be called upon to work together to complete missions of increasing difficulty. There will be no zombies, as they would not marry with the vision of the development team, entirely focused on war realism. This cooperative mode has not yet been shown in a real gameplay video (like the others, for that matter), but in an interview granted to PlayStation Lifestyle, Jacob Minkoff of Infinity Ward has revealed a very interesting new detail: Elite Operations will be a modality based on history and will take place after the facts narrated during the main campaign.

“We are not yet ready to talk about Elite Operations, but I can tell you that the single-player storyline will flow into the plot of the cooperative. No pause, events will continue automatically. ” Minkoff then explained that all the elements of the game – gameplay, progression, plot – will be in direct continuity with each other. Judging by his words, this is a substantial step forward compared to the Modern Operations of Modern Warfare 2, which saw players re-address the missions of the main campaign in the company of friends without any new narrative stimulus.