The Pokémon Company, Net Profits up 50%

The Pokémon Company, Net Profits up 50%

The Pokemon franchise is still capable of generating excellent numbers, as shown by The Pokémon Company’s latest financial results: the Japanese company that controls products related to pocket monsters has seen its revenues increase by 50% compared to the previous fiscal year.

Specifically, in the last 12 months, The Pokémon Company has obtained $124 million in net profits, 50% more than in 2017. For the company, this is the second best year ever in terms of profits and turnover and the numbers do not seem to be destined to fall.

A good part of these results has been obtained thanks to the success of Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee, at 10 million copies, and the profits that Pokemon GO continues to generate daily. The film Detective Pikachu is not included in the activities of the past year, having been released after the close of FY 2018.

For the current year, The Pokemon Company will launch Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as Detective Pikachu 2 for Nintendo Switch, so it is likely that such an exploit is destined to repeat itself in 2019/2020.