Worlds Adrift Closes Its Doors: The Review Bombing Starts on Steam

Bossa Studios announce the closure of Worlds Adrift servers and, in doing so, trigger the vehement reaction of the Steam community. On the page of the Valve store dedicated to the original sci-fi sandbox by the London authors, users started the protest bombing review.

And yet, the English developers made famous by the bizarre videogame experiences of I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator wanted to make a video to explain the reasons for this painful choice that, as you can easily imagine, derive from the impossibility of keeping the servers active due to the low number of players and lost revenue from the internal store for optional microtransactions.

Evidently, the Bossa Studios message would seem to have been sent back to the sender by a large portion of Worlds Adrift fans, as evidenced by the growing number of players who wanted to use Steam’s user review tool to express their disappointment

A phenomenon, that of review bombing, which in recent months has also involved other major productions such as Borderlands (for Gearbox’s decision to publish Borderlands 3 exclusively on Epic Games Store) or Metro Exodus (also here, due to the exclusivity granted at the Epic Store), so much so as to induce Valve to announce the desire to create a special team to combat this phenomenon

In any case, the date that will be the final closure of the Worlds Adrift server will be announced in the coming days: until then, those who want to explore the floating islands of this open-world MMO voted to the cooperative multiplayer can get for free all cosmetic elements of the store.