Apex Legends: Season 2 Will Introduce a New Accessory?

Apex Legends: Season 2 Will Introduce a New Accessory?

Only a few hours have passed since the publication of the latest Apex Legends update, which could hide some clues about the news we will see with the arrival of the second season.

In fact, everyone was intrigued by the appearance of a new slot for equipment that goes side by side with that of the helmet, armor, backpack and auxiliary shield. Currently, there is no object that can be added to this inventory slot and, in all likelihood, we will have to wait for the coming season to find out what it is. Wanting to hypothesize what is the next accessory of Apex Legends, we could think of gloves able to speed up the process of reloading weapons or boots which, based on their rarity, could make the character faster.

Waiting to discover the truth about the mystery of the new slot of the inventory, we remind you that in the new teaser of Apex Legends we can see Wattson, the legend that has been talked about so much in the last weeks’ leak. We, therefore, invite you to follow us to keep up to date on Season 2 of Apex Legends, which will be officially unveiled at the E-Play at E3 2019.

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