Fortnite: Storm Reversal Is Disabled in World Cup Qualifiers

Fortnite: Storm Reversal Is Disabled in World Cup Qualifiers

While the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers are in progress, Epic Games’ battle royale continues to update, and precisely in the latest update released yesterday, the 9.20 Fortnite update, several new ones have been added things, including a new weapon.

This is the Storm Reversal, which however will not be usable during the Fortnite World Cup qualifying phase. This is what was announced in the last few hours by Epic Games itself after some controversy emerged following its addition. Even one of the most influential personalities in the streaming world like Ninja has criticized the latest Fortnite update.

According to the users of Fortnite in fact, the addition of an object so “game-changing” and therefore so important, should not also concern the competitive area of ​​the game, at least not until the users have had time to learn how to use it.

Epic Games has agreed and in fact announced with a statement that for Week 9 of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, the Storm Reversal will be disabled, while it will remain available for all other modes.

What do you think? Is this the right decision? In the meantime, have you already taken a look at the last Fortnite store update? The Tempest has arrived there too!