Google Stadia: What Happens If the Connection Fails While I Play?

Google Stadia: What Happens If the Connection Fails While I Play?

After providing new details on price, games, and specifications of Google Stadia, the Mountain View giant intervened to clarify another point regarding its new streaming gaming service: what happens if the connection fails while we play with Stadia?

Being a streaming game service, the quality of the gaming experience offered by Google Stadia depends largely on the stability of our internet connection.

A question that could arise very spontaneously is the following: what happens if the connection to the network falls while we play with Google Stadia? The answer comes directly from the Mountain View giant, and fortunately it is quite reassuring: if our connection falls in the middle of a game session with Google Stadia, in fact, the system will freeze the game session for a few minutes, exactly at the point where the disconnection occurred, allowing us then to resume it later so as not to lose the progress made up to that point.

If your connection is particularly unstable , in addition, Google Stadia will be able to automatically adapt to it, in order to avoid continuous qualitative leaps in the game’s graphic rendering. In this regard, we remind you that users can submit their internet connection to a test to see if they can support a 4K gaming experience on Google Stadia.