Outriders, a New Taste Before the Complete Reveal of E3 2019

Outriders a New Taste Before the Complete Reveal of E3 2019

Square Enix has published another taste of Outriders, a new and mysterious title revealed a few days ago and which will be presented in its entirety during E3 2019.

We still don’t know anything about the game itself, but we know the narrative premise: the events will follow a group of human beings aboard a spaceship called Flores, travelling to a planet called Enoch “which could represent the last hope for the salvation of humanity”. During the trip a bad accident, the nature of which is still unknown, caused the loss of numerous cryo-capsules, inside which there were people in hibernation.

The first Outriders teaser trailer showed us a woman’s awakening. Today, instead, it’s up to a man, as you can see in the video attached to this news. The description reads: “Evaluation of positive blood circulation. The vital organs have returned to their optimal conditions. We estimate four terrestrial days for muscle recovery and the adaptation period”. We recall that the complete presentation of Outriders will take place during the E3 2019 conference at Square Enix.