Slitherine and Matrix Games: Many Strategic Games at Discount for the 75 Years of D-Day

D-Day Sale

The leaders of Slitherine and the editors of Matrix Games launch the D-Day Sales of their store, with many discounts on all the strategic video games in their digital catalog that includes some of the most important wargames experiences on the planet.

The initiative, organized to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the landing of the Allies in Normandy, allows us to get a 30% discount on many strategic video games in the Matrix Games game library until the evening of Sunday 9 June.

Particular attention, logically, will be given to strategic titles set in the Second World War, such as Panzer Corps, which has recently reached and exceeded one million copies sold. Also within the promotion of the D-Day Sales of Slitherine and Matrix Games we find then all the chapters of the Close Combat saga , Armored Brigade , the DLC of Order of Battle and the games recently entered in the store catalog thanks to the partnership signed with Yobowargames , namely Battle for Korsun and Kursk – Battle in Prochorovka.

You can find the complete list of the titles at discount on Matrix Games by following the link you find at the bottom of the news. The promotion thus represents a great way to prepare for the two World War II video games Slitherine will publish over the next few months, namely Close Combat: The Bloody First and Panzer Corps II.