EA Originals Announces the New Games of Hazelight Studios, Zoink Games and Glowmade

EA Originals Announces the New Games of Hazelight Studios, Zoink Games and Glowmade

Small Studios, great games: it is the motto of EA Originals, a label belonging to Electronic Arts that takes care of bringing to market the work of independent studios. Thanks to it, in the last few years games like Unravel 1 & 2, Fe and A Way Out have been born: soon, these will be joined by three other games.

After the EA Play 2019 aired yesterday 8 June, EA Originals announced the new games of Zoink Games and Glowmade and Hazelight Studios. Zoink Games, famous for titles like Flippin ‘Death, Zombie Vikings and the aforementioned Fe, is working on Lost in Random, an action adventure with strategic elements that “will explore the concepts of chance and opportunity”, and which will be set in a vivid and dark world. For the occasion, three illustrations were shared that give us an idea of ​​the artistic direction of the project (found in the gallery below).

Glowmade is instead working on Rustheart, a cooperative action RPG that will accompany players and their robot helper on an adventure around a vibrant multiverse. According to the developers, the game will offer a successful mix of action, RPG and tactical elements. No screenshots and/or illustrations have been made available, so we must be satisfied with the logo only.

The last of the three projects are in progress at Hazelight Studios, a team of Josef Fares already famous for A Way Out. The game, still without a title, will continue the tradition of the studio by offering an experience based on history and collaboration between players.

Fares, among other things, appears in the video shared by EA Originals on the occasion of the announcements, which leads us to discover the personalities and software houses working with the label. We take this opportunity to remind you that the next EA Originals title to enter the market will be Sea of ​​Solitude, scheduled for July 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.