MDHR: 2D Animations Made by Hand for the Next Cuphead Game!

MDHR 2d Animations Made by Hand for the Next Cuphead Game!

Cuphead’s debut on the gaming market was accompanied by a vast array of warm appreciations, both from the public and the specialized press.

The reception of this 2D game inspired by the cartoons of the Thirties and characterized by hand-made animations and a high level of difficulty led the development team to decide to continue the work on the IP: the Cuphead DLC “The Delicious Last Course “ is in fact currently under development. Despite this, MDHR Studio is already looking to the future and to its next videogame work.

Precisely this issue was the subject of a recent interview with Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, the two founding brothers of the now famous software house. In fact, the editor of Famitsu said: “Since we are currently working on the DLC” The Delicious Last Course “, most of our time is occupied on that. But at the same time, we are still thinking about what we should be doing in “Future. Although the idea is still in its infancy, we are […] preparing things. I still can’t say anything about the content of the game, but since the 2D animations made by hand are the focus of our company. , you can at least expect our next game to have that same style “.