Elden Ring: Miyazaki Tells the New Game From Software and the Collaboration With Martin

Elden Ring- Miyazaki Tells the New Game From Software and the Collaboration With Martin

The Microsoft conference stage hosted several announcements related to new Bandai Namco titles, with the release of the first trailer for Tales of Arise and the much-rumoured Elden Ring.

During the event, the new project from Casa From Software was officially presented, through the transmission of the Elden Ring reveal trailer. The film confirmed that the title will bring gamers into “a world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin”, on which we can try to discover something more thanks to an interview given by the same Game Director.

Inside, Miyazaki describes several aspects of the game, defining the genre as an action-RPG in the third person, but stressing that, if Sekiro enjoyed a focus more dedicated to the active component, Elden Ring will see GDR elements more in depth instead. However, the “fun of reactive melee combat” will nevertheless be abandoned. Also confirmed the ability to customize your character and the presence of a wide variety of boss-fights. In Elden Ring, players will have at their disposal “a wide variety of weapons, magic and ways of attacking enemies”.

About the collaboration with George RR Martin, Miyazaki said that the origin of the latter is to be found also in his being a big fan of the writer’s works, among which he cites above all “Fevre Dream”, which he describes as a ” masterpiece in the vampire fantasy”. Following the first meeting with Martin, the game director was convinced of the desire to establish a collaboration. Based on various exchanges of views, Martin “wrote the general mythology for the game world itself”, which, in turn, was a source of inspiration for the development team.

From the description of the presentation trailer, we learn that Elden Ring will land on Xbox One. Miyazaki said that the development of the game began immediately after the completion of the work related to the Dark Souls 3 DLCs, but so far no information has been shared regarding a possible launch window.