Gears 5: Release Date, Escape Mode and Terminator with Pre-Order

Gears 5: Release Date, Escape Mode and Terminator with Pre-Order

On the occasion of the Xbox conference at E3 2019, Gears 5 also returned to the stage, the highly anticipated fifth chapter of the series that certainly could not miss such an event.

The new movie has as its protagonist the beautiful Kait Diaz, who is tormented by nightmares that in all probability have some connection with the Swarm. The plot of the game, in fact, takes up what we saw in the previous chapter and, consequently, we will return to see characters like Delmont Walker, Marcus Fenix ​​and his son JD.

Accompanying the Kait trailer there is also a second video showing the Escape mode, a new cooperative experience with support for 4 players both locally and online. The protagonists of this mode do not seem to have familiar faces and probably will have special powers. At a certain point of the video, in fact, a woman is seen holding a knife which, thanks to a special power, becomes electrified.

Gears 5 will hit the shelves of all stores starting September 10th, 2019 exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10. We also remind you that the game will support Play Anywhere and will be included in the Xbox Game Pass library since its launch. The owners of the Ultimate edition or the Ultimate version of the Xbox Game Pass will also be able to play 3 days in advance. You can also register on the official website to take part in the beta of the game, which will begin next July 27th. We also remind you that by booking the game you will have access to an extra character to use in multiplayer modes: Terminator.

Did you know that the PC version of the Game Pass has been revealed?