Microsoft Has Announced the New Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Microsoft Has Announced the New Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

During its E3 2019 conference, Microsoft announced the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, expected new version of the popular premium pad.

According to the statements, the controller has been completely re-designed. The new version has a voltage regulator for the analog sticks, other precision controls, a texture to improve the grip of the triggers, redesigned bumpers, the possibility of further decreasing the triggers to increase the rate of fire in shooters, a grip more comfortable and safe thanks to the rough rubber coating, additional customization options, three custom profiles, Bluetooth connectivity and a new rechargeable battery capable of guaranteeing up to 40 hours of battery life . The pad is compatible with both Xbox One and PC.

Package Contents

  • Wireless Elite Controller for Xbox Series 2
  • Carrying case
  • Set of 6 levers: standard (2), classic (2), high (1), rounded (1)
  • Set of 4 rear levers: medium (2), mini (2)
  • Set of 2 directional crosses: standard, faceted
  • Levers adjustment tool
  • Charging station
  • USB-C cable

On top of this, you can see the new Xbox Wireless Elite Controller Series 2 in the presentation trailer shown during the conference.